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What is the Japanese Dream? All Chinese Should Know

Author:Wu Pengfei      Edited &translated by Li Kangmin

What is the content of Japanese Dream? A reader ‘Falling Snow-flakes’sent me a message, which is a translation of the amazing message in Japan BBS. It is a national dream, the Declaration of Japanese politicians. I felt very shocked after reading it. Our neighbor country also has a century dream. Seventy years after the World War II, such kind of an introspection turned out to be a dream in their bones. Not only Chinese people but also all the world people should know. 

Chinese Dream is the renaissance dream of the Chinese nation. Chinese dream aims at building a country, with freedom and happiness for the people, democracy and prosperity for the country; peace and friendliness for neighbors so as to further establish a world with a common destiny of mankind. What does the Japanese dream mean? Most of us may not know that Japanese have a terrible militarism dream. I decided to put such a Japanese dream on to posts for everyone in China, in Asia, in America and all in the world to read. As a warning it is of great significance. In a sense, it is not to say frightening things to scare the people or to exaggerate catastrophe whereas it is an alarm in the process of peaceful rising and still growing China, which still appears excessive tender heartedness and lack of vigilance as a whole. Let us read, and think about it. It will do us good, only taking advantages and not disadvantages. 

China, the USA and Japan go astray all in horrible ways, I think. Although three countries are commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the World War II, they are in retrospection, reviewing and introspecting with various misunderstandings, and different blind spots shown. It is due to their different point of view, different starting point; different national goals, and different national interests. In the WWII human being had paid a painful price, but its historical experience and lessons have not been seriously accepted by the international communities, especially, there is no consensus of the world history, which is disturbing everybody.

China's fault is terrible after post- World War II. Since then China has been in a weak and catch-up position, adopting a low and forbearance attitude in international arena, hiding our capacities and biding our time for development. The officials stressed friendly and peaceful gesture in a long time while mentioned less and less the peril of war and the past blood history of Japanese war crimes. Even a small amount of politicians, soldiers, and scholars are very alert towards Japanese Rightists, their alarms and warnings are not open in a large-scale publicity and education, coupled with well-known intentionally and unintentionally misleading the public, so that the people relax their vigilance as a whole. Chinese are kindhearted people in nature, naively thinking that our forgiveness can exchange to be peace from the invaders. 

Chinese culture consistently advocates the principle of benevolence, the doctrine of the mean and reconciliation. Chinese people long to live and work in peace and contentment. They have never coveted another country’s territory. For such kind of people, their generosity is commendable, but their martial quality not so high. During the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 launched by Japanese imperialism to annex Korea and invade China and the Japanese Invasion of China in 1931-1945, China was caught unprepared to fight against aggression from Japan. Japan had long been prepared with elaborate planning and had confused and poisoned people’smind with hatred and bushido. It seemed that it was a war of sheep to fight against tiger and wolf and finally China was defeated miserably. I am worried about the replay of miserable history again. China lowers its guard and becomes careless toward the revival of Japanese militarism. It is the most dreadful to indulge requited illusion of peace.

America went horribly wrong for this country is very selfish. Although the management of its internal affairs was excellent, the voting political system makes its politicians and military strategists only responsible to domestic public and its own national interests. It takes mercenary in international arena, often regardless of the overall interests of all mankind. It seeks its own interests to interfere other country's affairs under the guise of shouting democracy and freedom. It opened the Iron Curtain after the WW II, the United States quickly abandon righteous cause for its own sake. The United States occupied Japan but did not liquidate Japanese war crimes against humanity, regardless of the tragic sacrifice of American people in Pearl Harbor and other places, on the contrary, it has released many war criminals and reinstates them to rule Japan for several decades. 

They thought if they enabled the political forces of democracy and freedom like in Germany, completely liquidated the evil of war, the United States might not be able to control the nascent Japanese state. Therefore, they retained the Mikado system, the Emperor of Japan, the invasive war launcher, and the members of invasive group, and let them continue to dominate Japan. Those war criminals of course will always do as what is told, and thus, American influence on Japan would form an absolute power in Japan. In fact Japan regime has mainly been ruled by Japanese war criminals and their descendants in several scores of years. The USA uses Japan as its helper nowadays to restrict the development of China and they takea laissez-faire attitude on that Japanese arm themselves to revive the militarism, it is this kind of horrible selfishness of the USA, and they are planting the seeds of future invasive wars, a serious threat to peace.

Japan is doing a terrible wrong thing. Japanese war criminals and their descendants have long dominated regime for decades. So far Japan has a total of 96 terms of prime ministers after World War II, most belonged to the Free Democrats. Most members of that party are right-wingers, some Class A war criminals himself as Kishi. Only a few prime ministers have the correct view of history such as 76, 77 terms Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu. Toshiki Kaifu once said that China is the ancestors of Japan's culture and he visited Nanjing Massacre in 2000 and in Nanjing, he said Japan committed an unforgivable mistake to Nanjing people in the Japanese history, as a politician, I would like to express my deep apology to Nanjing people. Tomiichi Muryama was the 81st Prime Minister. During the 70th anniversary of resistance against Japanese aggression and Anti-Fascist Assembly in Beijing, Chinese president Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan received former Japanese former Prime Minister Murayama at the square outside the Duan Gate who came to attend the commemoration of the victory. This is the third time when Murayama attended the Chinese parade. As a Japanese Prime Minister, Murayama published the famous "Murayama Statement" in his office, in which he expressed deep remorse and heartfelt apology on the Japanese colonial rule and aggression. He is the second person after Morihiro Hosokawa who as prime minister he verbally apologized for the World War II to invade Asian victim countries. Yukio Hatoyama, former Japanese Prime Minister indicated said in September 12th 2015 that Japan should always be sorry before it gets the full forgiveness of the mass of victim countries China and Korea. However, most of the prime ministers are lack of correct view of history, of the past war of aggression trying to whitewash or cover up their crimes, such as using getting in and out of China, to replace the invasion of China and using ‘Greater Eastern Asia Co-Prosperity Circle’ instead of the colonial rule and aggression in other Asian countries.

Japan has still kept the view of militarism before the World War II and the war criminals or murderers and their descendants still control the country. The education of anti-China and abhorring Chinese remains the same while the history of Japan has been actively giving up its Peace Constitution, enlarging armaments, aiming to restrict China. After World War II the only country that does not really change is Japan, it has just wrapped with the garment of democracy under the America's laissez-faire, the future of Japan will definitely shoot their own foot, and Japanese careerists which sleep on brushwood and taste gall regard the USA as the most enemy in their heart, and this is what is the exact purpose of revival of Japanese militarism. 


 “Why must Dahe (Japanese) race expand out?” This is a popular Japanese BBS in the post, written by the members of ‘Japanese Reformation Society’ under the leadership of Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto and Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara ", entitled “Why must Dahe Race expand out toward the outside?” Credit is to an anonymous netizen, who translated the text from Japanese to Chinese. A Chinese proverb says “A remarkable work should be shared and its subtleties discussed”, I forwarded it to the readers in China and the world, and then we could have a good look at what is their dream in that brutish kingdom of Japan and to have a clear understanding: 

 “Why must Dahe race expand out?” “It is due toits peculiar geographic location and lack of resources, which need the ultimateform of development to launch wars!” “I think all along that Dahe nation is themost superior nation in the world. A strong sense of misery and realism is tosupport the spirit of national persistent innovation and development and thisis the unique fighting spirit of diligent and wise Dahe people. 

However, the Heaven is unfair to us so that some inferior races occupy large tracts of fertile land, but cannot make full use of those valuable resources, whereas we have advanced technology or mature experience, unity will, but only live in the barren land and lament our littleness before the vast ocean. Potential crisis makes us aware of living in a world full of brutal competition for limited resources of modern forest, we only maintain high morale and appropriate wildness to get radical survival for our nation, This is the law of survival on the Earth, and this is the reality our wisdom and diligence and wise Dahe people are facing.

The final destiny of the island state will be buried in the bottom of seas. Scarcity of resources will block the momentum of marching forward of the nation. The only way for us is the military expansion to conquer Asia and the world by virtue of Japanese national valor, wisdom and spirit, to wash the shame of unsuccessful, failure in past sacred wars. We would use the excellence of Dahe Race to control inferior races so as to promote the progress of the whole world. This is the emperor endowed the Japanese mass with the mission, which is to undertake the sacred war for the maintenance of the dignity of the Dahe noble! 

In a few decades ago we launched the sacred war trying to conquer the world, we introspect the failure by drawing two lessons:

1.    Before we conquered Asia and fully consolidated the position we should not provoke the United States. In the new century, the United States should be our good partner to achieve the conquest of Asia although the USA will certainly be our enemy in the sacred war to conquer the world.

2.    When Japan planned to wipe out a big country like China, we cannot swallow China by one bite in a hurry, but should extinguish it like eating the fillets of raw fish, piece by piece. China is a multi-ethnic country, different from Japan. There are many contradictions in its own, we should take advantage of contradictions and differences to divide that country and then eliminate it one by one; Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia, Manchuria, etc. all should become independent states. The reason to divide those areas is based on their unique nationalities.

This is what is popular in media On Seven Blocks in China, we concretise it to “A Plan of How to Split China”, which is part of the Sacred War to conquer Asia and extinguish China. In China, only the Han people in the eastern China have the capability to hinder our action, so if China is split into seven or more states, the force of Han people will be greatly weakened, its strategic depth in length and breadth for maneuver will be greatly reduced. The extinct of China means the revival of Imperial Japan not far! 

As long as we conquered China, we would have built the foundation of the conquest of Asia, and other Asian countries will follow the tame Han as their example and submit to Japan. This is merely in this way Japan will have the capital to defeat the United States of America. and dominate the world. Of course, the western development strategy of the Han Chinese will produce some obstacles on this issue, but we should not give up efforts to split China! Because the Sacred War is our only way out, the Japanese want to conquer the world, and at first must conquer Asia. While in order to conquer Asia, we must first conquer China; if we want to conquer China, we must split and weaken China. Japan is a small island state, there is no broad room for military maneuver, and only the development of a powerful empire fleet is potential to satisfy future empire needs for the Sacred War.


The strategic steps of “The Sacred War Plan of Rejuvenating Great Japanese Empire "are as follows:

1.      To extinguish China and then to conquer Asia

In order to extinguish China, we must first split and weaken China: In our efforts Taiwan has been split out. The next step we should take absolute control of Taiwan. Even though we would have completed, it is to accomplish the first step of "Plan to split China ", next relatively weak Xinjiang, Tibet, and Manchuria. With present technology and (economic)level, the Japanese development has been to its limit. We must launch the Sacred War as soon as possible because without any resources to support the Japanese economy will eventually collapse.

However, in the attempt to split the western China, the Chinese government seems to have been aware of our plans, and developed a "Western China Development Strategy", the strategy of ethnic assimilation, not only has important economic purpose, but also has a significant strategic objective, which is bound to block our splitting plan, but things always have the opposite effect, because as the migration of Han Chinese to the western region of the minorities, the Han Chinese is bound to increase contacts with ethnic minorities; friction coexists in assimilation and contradictions; in 5 to 10 years the Han Chinese will not form the consolidation of its absolute superiority, we can just use this opportunity to provoke conflicts and friction between Han Chinese and ethnic minorities. The situation of the development might be beneficial to us, so our plans to divide western China should be resolutely implemented.

In addition our plan to split Manchuria has been opposed by South Korea. So far the ROK still does not allow any Japanese Imperial Army soldier to set foot on the land of Korea, which will certainly hamper our control of the Korean peninsula, and to mitigate the division process of Mongolia and Manchuria. For ROK's boycott, Japan can use diplomacy to ease tensions, if necessary, we can use the United States of America to give pressure to the ROK and for the DPRK, and we can take advantage of the US-ROK military alliance to give repression.

It is possible to interfere in China. Since the split of China will not be so quick to be realized, time does not allow us to continue to delay, we should timely use the powerful fleet of the Japanese Empire, use the conflict of Taiwan Strait or a second Korean War to destroy China's gigantic fleet in one fell swoop, which is not actually a terrible Chinese fleet. For the destruction of Chinese fleet the Americans will support, Taiwanese will support, and the neighboring countries in South China Sea are also willing to. If successful, the use of this action, we can firmly control Taiwan, and making it as our military bases.

It is due to their losing air and sea superiority, China has ability falling short of their wishes to react against our repression to the DPRK. The image of Chinaman would get damaged and Chinaman's spirit and their will would get a heavy blow. They will fall again under the scare of a big Japanese Imperial Army threat. The government's prestige will greatly decline and then, the stable foundation in China will be broken. It is an opportunity for Japan to incite ethnic separatists in China to carry out an independent movement in various regions. China will be weakened no need to unleash a war. We can rebuild the Guandong Army Headquarters of great Japanese Imperial Army in Manchuria and Mongolia, so as to be prepared to extinguish the remaining China under Han Chinese control. 

There is another problem that don’t be worried about the poor Russia which will send troops to intervene with because the weakening of China in certain amount will be welcome by Russia, By Chechen war, we can see the weakness of Russia, its military forceis unable to support a decent war. 

2.      To consolidate the position of Japan in Asia and to strive for dominating the world

After China was extinguished, Japan of course is a worthy leader in Asia, and we have to use excellent Dahe spirit to deter the spirit of inferior races, to destroy their languages, customs and luxurious lifestyle that is the deep rooted bad habits of inferior races, to eliminate the existence of those races, to destroy all of them, in turn to learn everything from Japan. We want to use our style to breed China-Japanese, Taiwan-Japanese, and Korean Japanese on their own land, to make the whole of Asia not only to make the whole Asia to be a unified country, but also a unified race Dahe Race.

To achieve this goal depends on the strong effort of Japanese Dahe Race, superman wisdom, fearless spirit, from the heart to completely conquer every Asian’s aspirations, let them recognize and respect our spirit, admire our march, and be completely subservient to Japanese at the foot of the Japanese Empire, having them loyal forever to us. Only in this way will we be able to firmly grasp Asia, and then conquer the whole world!

In order to conquer the world, it is not enough solely relying on the power of the Japanese Empire, but also it needs some help from a competent partner. The United States of America is our best partner to carve up the world. We could use the United States to suppress the Europe, to assist the German Teutonic fascist political party to get power again, and then to re-use the German Teutonic fascists to conquer Europe.

Facts have proved that in the last Covenant signed for the Sacred War, allowing Italians to join the Sacred War of Japan was a wrong decision. The descendants of the Roman Empire had already lost the struggling spirit of their ancestors to become ignorant inferior races, as their ancestors in the Han and Tang Dynasties we advocate now have degenerated into poor Han race, they cannot escape the fate of being ruled. Finally, after we firmly control Asia, and Germany and the United States of America control Europe, then we could wipe out the CIS forces from both sides in one fell swoop. The whole process generally takes about 30 years.


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